A step-by-step guide for tying the knot
without becoming unravelled

Free book means less stress when you plan your big day

Don't buy anything for your wedding before you request your FREE copy of The Bride's Survival Guide. It contains a full 128 pages of information on every aspect of planning your ceremony, your receptions, your honeymoon and your first home together.

The 5 most important tips

  • You will get tips on saving money, answers to your etiquette questions, solutions to tough family problems, and ideas on how to make your
    wedding unique.

  • We show you how to get the best deals from suppliers. Without sacrificing quality.

  • This unique guide has helped more then 70,000 Ontario brides over the past 20 years.

  • We will mail you your own personal FREE copy via Canada Post with no cost to you.

More than 240,000 Ontario couples have already enjoyed this guide and improved their wedding planning experience! This allowed them to have more fun while in the adventure of making special memories on the big day.

How is this possible?!

John Webster

Wedding Essentials

What can you say to a couple who is about to embark on what should be one of the happiest journeys of their life - when they realize that it is also one of the most stressful?

The whole process of getting married is a long and complicated series of events. The goal of the Wedding Essentials Bride's Survival Guide is to make the task a lot easier, by letting you maintain control throughout the months of planning.

The Bride's Survival Guide is the only book you'll need for all of your wedding plans and best of all... it's free!

Send me my FREE copy!

Testimonials from Ontario brides...

  • Thanks for all the attention you've had, as well as the knowledge you share. I am so happy to be able to have the help from local business' when planning my wedding.

    Jennifer P., Markham ON

  • With work and travelling I tended decide details about my wedding at weird times in the night. This guide would be right with me helping me to decide on some of those tasks! It was great!!

    Giovanni R., Mississauga ON

  • I was excited to look through to find out what business were in my area! This really help me 'shop' around without having to leave me house!

    Alison R., Barrie ON

  • We were feeling overwhelmed with services, direction and traditions and once we requested this guide it made things so much easier to make an actual plan and stick with it.

    Meaghan M., Sudbury ON

About the Publisher

In the decades since this picture on my wedding day, the standards of a ‘good shot’ have changed drastically. This may not be image quality for a magazine but sure is priceless to me. I can still get lost in the picture, as it brings me right back to the day when our cares were little and we were footloose and fancy free!

It's easy to remember when I was helping plan my wedding, back in the last century, my bride-to-be Mary and I felt that we were the first to ever have to make all the decisions that were necessary for a smooth wedding ceremony and reception. Fortunately, we, like you, were not alone. There are many sources for finding help.

Wedding Essentials has a history of making this daunting task easier, by letting you maintain control throughout the months of planning. But we’re not the same magazine that your mother may have used. We are on the leading edge of the digital revolution.

John Webster, Publisher
Wedding Essentials

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